The Rich Biodiversity

“The Gestaltungsplan lacks the implementation of the residents’ demand for a green corridor along Grubenackerstrasse. This should provide space for plants, an encounter zone and a wildlife corridor. We used to call this axis The Community Strip”

- Madlaina P., Member of IG Grubenacker

Between the fifties and the eighties, different trees were planted within the Schrebergärten and other plots in the area of Thurgauerstrasse West. Since the city has not listed them in the Baumkataster and is not considering them in the planning process, the community of the IG Grubenacker have started on their own initiative an inventory of the important trees on the perimeter. In the Gestaltungsplan area there are old stands of trees such as the tree of heaven, Norway maple, hornbeam or white beech, black pine, sycamore maple, hop beech, Norway spruce, sweet cherry, walnut, pear and sand birch. The map is extremely interesting and rich: the diversity of species makes the area a real paradise for the city’s wildlife. Beavers and foxes are regular guests of the area and play an important role on the biological richness of the field, which is quite unique in the city fabric, yet at the moment seriously threatened by the fast densification.