The Magical Garden

“You should come on saturday, we’ll have a concert by the guitarist who lives here next door”

- Anne T., Member of the IG Grubenacker

The Apfelbauwiese on the west side of the Thurgauerstrasse is an unofficial meeting spot for the community of Grubenacker. Every now and then, between spring and autumn, small informal gatherings take place underneath and within the apple trees. A neighbor, who rents the surface from the city of Zurich for 300 CHF per year, harvests the apples and mows the lawn. He then takes advantage of the Schrebergärtner association’s fruit press in order to produce his own apple juice - which he then shares with the community. Unofficial jam sessions and small concerts are organized by the community and are attended by residents of Seebach and Opfikon as well.

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