The Logistic of the Former Headquarters

“They gave us a space underground, but it was right in front of a ventilation pipe - the beers and wines were fucked up. They moved us to the uppers floor and now we’re totally happy with it”

- Yannik A., tenant of a Zebra Box

Every building (except for Angst + Pfister) stands on a deep foundation that hosts multiple underground parking lots. Airgate has four basement floors, Oerlikerhus, GVZ and Imperial have three. These parking lots do not serve only those wo work in the buildings themselves: many parking spaces are rented, for example by the fitness studios in order to guarantee free parking for their members; further tenants are workers from other buildings (such as newer ones that have planned fewer parking spaces) or even residents of the neighboring residential towers. The exact number of non-rented parking spaces is unknown - but it is said to be very large.
Access to the basement floors happens through ramps that are placed between the buildings. Most of them are accessible from Leutschenbachstrasse.