The Active Genossenschaft

“For example, many single-family houses here are now inhabited by one or two people over 50 years of age. Some of these owners would be just as happy with a smaller, age-appropriate flat in the neighbourhood. This is where WBG Grubenacker sees a field of activity”

- Christian H, IG Grubenacker

Moved by the kommunalen Richtplan 2040 which foresees a Verdichtung über BZO2016, the land owners and residents of the Grubenacker neighborhood founded a Genossenschaft in November 2018. The aim of their cooperative is to participate actively in the development of Thurgauerstrasse West and to avoid land speculation on their plots. They also take care cooperatively of shared green spaces where gardening and small-animal farming takes place. Those surfaces (e.g. the magical garden) are also gathering places during summer weekends. For the cooperative, the relationships between members and other residents are as important as its aims, which include sustainability, resource consumption and quality of life.