Seven Rules

The creation of new legislation as a substitute for the Gestaltungsplan constitutes the core of this master's thesis. Articulated in seven guidelines, the text sets the new canons that could function as the basis for the future development of the district. Along with regulations about sustainability and solidarity, the most radical guideline introduces a building moratorium on new constructions within the perimeter, which stretches between Leutschenbachstrasse and the railway tracks west of Grubenackerstrasse.

From the administrative law - chapter on construction, planning and environment:

The Gestaltungsplan can be used to draw up special building regulations at municipal level. With the Gestaltungsplan, a special building code is established for a certain area, (...) This means that it is possible to deviate from the standard construction method. This allows deviations from the cantonal minimum distances and cantonal and communal building regulations.
The regulations are binding for the landowners in the area concerned, as they replace the basic rules and landowners are only permitted to build in accordance with the Gestaltungsplan.”